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Zero players positive for COVID-19 in latest NFL-NFLPA testing

Zero NFL players tested positive for COVID-19 coming out of Sunday's Week 1 games and last Monday's double-header, according to the latest testing data from the NFL and the NFLPA.

A total of 36,664 tests were administered to a group of 7,845 players and team personnel from Sept. 13 to Sept 19. 14,074 tests were administered to 2,438 players, and 22,590 were administered to 5,407 personnel. From that testing pool, zero players tested positive, and there are five new confirmed positive cases for COVID-19 from other personnel, per the league and players' union.

Tuesday's testing news continues the league's trend of good news concerning testing results. Last week, it was reported there were seven confirmed positives, including two players, out of 40,479 tests administered from Sept. 6 through Sept. 12.

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