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Young cancer survivor interviews Peyton like a pro

Thousands of media members cascaded upon Opening Night on Monday to asked innumerable questions -- some of them good, some downright embarrassing.

It was Austin Denton, a 14-year-old cancer survivor, who stole the show. His interview of Peyton Manning was fantastic:

Denton was easily in the top 10 percent of question-askers at Media Day.

Denton was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine as a 2-year-old and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. He beat the cancer, but the treatments affected his mobility, forcing him to use forearm crutches or a wheelchair. He's been in remission the past eight years, via KOAT in New Mexico.

A high school freshman, Denton said he's wanted to be a sports journalist since he was 4 years old. He currently works for ESPN Radio 101.7 FM in New Mexico.

After battling cancer, asking Peyton Manning questions was a breeze for Denton.

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