Winter Storm Henry expected to hit New England

Winter Storm Henry is heading to Foxborough on Saturday night.

No, that's not a twisted pun hyping Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry bowling over the New England Patriots in the Wild Card Round on Saturday night.

Literally, a winter storm named Henry is sweeping across the U.S. and is set to hit New England on Saturday. According to the Weather Channel, Henry, which has spilled mostly rain across the Midwest as it moves eastward, could develop into snowfall in the New England area by Saturday night.

Whoever pinned the name Henry to that storm deserves a medal of some sort.

Henry has wreaked havoc all over the NFL down the stretch of the 2019 campaign as he bulldozed defenses for the final month and a half of the season to swipe the NFL rushing title.

Now the storm and running back will converge on Foxborough potentially at the same time as the Patriots stare at a possible end to their season far earlier than they're used to in New England.

While Winter Storm Henry is more likely to bring rain than snow Saturday night, Good Morning Football's Peter Schrager eloquently noted that there is something possibly poetic about this playoff game being played in a storm.

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