Wilson urges new mentality to Seahawks: 'Treat every quarter as the fourth'

Seahawks fans have been clamoring for it for some time now, and the rest of the football world isn't far behind in calling for one desire to be fulfilled.

Let Russ cook.

Russell Wilson is often a magician of the gridiron, a signal-calling, shot-taking, play-making, quarterbacking maven whose activities thrill many and bring heartbreak to those unfortunate enough to serve as his Sunday adversary. In a healthy portion of games, Wilson often resorts to his trademark tactics late in contests because he's had no other choice. Who better than Russ to lift the 'Hawks out from the jaws of defeat?

"At the end of the day I want the ball in my hands," Wilson said Thursday. "I want to be able to make plays and give us a chance to win. That doesn't always mean me chucking it around, but it does mean that the more times I have the ball in my hands, the more things I think can happen. I think the defense worries about that too."

The defense undoubtedly worries about that. It doesn't take much more than a little time spent on the field during pregame to realize you're about to go up against a premier passer in a quarterback-dominated league. Strap in, because it's not going to be some Sunday cruise to the finish.

Wilson wants those moments to come sooner, and more frequently. Why wait until the heart-stopping moments if you don't have to?

"I think the reality is early in games, rather than us have it be in the fourth quarter, I think to be able to make some stuff happen," Wilson said. "I think we have a crazy stat of the lead, I think 56-0 when we have the lead by halftime. Getting ahead is a key thing. I do definitely believe in finishing strong. We have won a lot of games in the fourth quarter and been able to do some fun things in the fourth and end of games. But let's treat every quarter as the fourth. I think that's kind of my mentality."

Whatever nickname you'd like to bestow upon Wilson -- Russ, DangeRuss, Robot Russell -- it sounds as if he'd prefer to not be known as Mr. Fourth Quarter unless absolutely necessary. In fact, it's quite simple: Wilson simply wants to be... unlimited.

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