Williams: If Haskins starts, it will be group decision

Joe Theismann doesn't think Dwayne Haskins should start Week 1, but the Washington Redskins won't be consulting the former No. 7.

Redskins senior VP of player personnel Doug Williams told NFL Network's Steve Wyche on Tuesday that the team has been thrilled with Haskins' progress and noted any decision will be collaborative between himself, coach Jay Gruden, team president Bruce Allen and owner Daniel Snyder.

"I know that there's words out there that he might end up starting, and that could happen, but at the end of the day, it's going to be on Jay, myself, probably Bruce (Allen) and the owner, after what he does during the preseason and see where we are as a team to make that decision," Williams said. "I don't want to say that he's going to start Game 1 today, but it's been a pleasant and enjoyable scene to see what Dwayne Haskins has done over the last few weeks."

A team making a collaborative decision on a young QB's future is nothing new. It, however, does underscore that Gruden's gushing comments about Haskins will not be the only determining factor in whether the young QB starts Day 1.

Snyder being involved in the decision will grab attention. It was the Redskins owner, after all, who was Robert Griffin III's biggest supporter as Washington's last first-round quarterback. Would the owner play a similar role in the decision to start Haskins if he believes it best for his team and brand if that determination differs from his employees' opinions?

At the end of the day, Haskins must prove able during training camp and the preseason. If the rookie is the best QB, there will be no questioning the Redskins' decision.

Williams glowed about what he's seen from Haskins thus far.

"I think No. 1, it's been a great offseason," he said. "No. 1, to have Dwayne in camp and be on the sideline during OTAs and minicamp, and see the young guy do what he's done, and how he's taking command of the opportunity that he's had. You talk about a guy that's come from a situation where (he never) went up under center. To see a guy walk up out of the huddle and see the poise that he has, the patience that he's exhibited, there's room to have a lot of hope."

If Haskins displays a similar type of improvement during training camp, there will be even more hope mounting in D.C.

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