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Will Tim Tebow actually make the Eagles' roster?

Will Tim Tebow actually make the Eagles' roster?

The latest take comes from Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford, who is firmly in the camp that Tebow is not just a camp arm.

Ford writes:

One thing I believe he knows is that quarterback Tim Tebow is probably going to be on the roster when the Eagles open the regular season on Sept. 14 in Atlanta. Another thing he knows is that, if Tebow is on the roster, he won't be a mascot or a clipboard holder. He's going to dress and he's going to play.

It's not hard to agree with Ford here. Although we truly know nothing about Chip Kelly, the one thing we think we know is that he's a deliberate person.

Kelly does not waste time and energy on players he doesn't think are going to help him win.

That being said, the book is already out on Tebow. Kelly has had an infinite amount of information available to him and signed him knowing all of his strengths and weaknesses fully well.

Why sign him if he's just going to parade around in camp for a few weeks?

At the moment, Ford is tapping in to what is believed to be the prevailing opinion. Although, many of us thought the same thing when Bill Belichick brought Tebow into camp a year ago.

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