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Will Russell Wilson's new deal be fully guaranteed?

Russell Wilson has had more than two weeks to mull the pass that stole the Lombardi Trophy from his grasp.

He's also had more than two weeks to consider his future with the Seattle Seahawks.

With the arrival of the offseason and the upcoming start to the new league year, the latter moves to the forefront of his team's offseason checklist, and likely his as well. The time away offers a chance to secure a contract extension for the quarterback.

Boasting two Super Bowl appearances -- one win, and one heartbreaking defeat -- and exemplary leadership and character traits seen both on and off the field, Wilson has earned special consideration.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday's edition of NFL Total Access that Wilson might have earned a deal with terms previously unseen at the quarterback position.

"According to the people I've spoken to, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Russell Wilson will receive the first fully guaranteed contract extension for a quarterback -- something that is a rarity in the NFL -- not a rarity, it does not happen," Rapoport said. "It simply does not happen, but in this case it really might happen and (Seahawks general manager) John Schneider has talked about it in the past, an uncoventional type of contract."

Seattle is facing a bind just over the hill from now. With many of its key players being young and under relatively affordable contracts, Schneider and Carroll have to pick their battles wisely when trying to keep their guys in Seattle. Each new deal will lessen the future cap space available to re-up with others, so giving Wilson a fully guaranteed deal could convince him to take less overall money, lowering his cap number and allowing for more manuverability with future contracts.

There is also the potential new deal for veteran running back Marshawn Lynch -- who is considering retirement -- which will be a pivotal point in future decisions regarding Seattle's roster and salary cap. Lynch's deal will not be cheap.

As the sides consider the options, Wilson will have financial numbers to keep him busy. It will likely be a welcome relief from the memory of that fateful throw that was intecepted by New England's Malcolm Butler on the goal line. According to Wilson's post on the Players' Tribune website, he's had a tough time shaking it.

"One yard," Wilson wrote in his introduction. "I'd be lying if I said I haven't been thinking about that one yard for the past 17 days.

"Everyone wants to know how I feel. Well, it's complicated. Walking off that field in Arizona and seeing disappointed Seahawks fans in the stands was anguish. How could I not feel like I let them down? I tried to be positive, but I'm not perfect."

Wilson says his intention with the video was to explain himself to the fans of Seattle. The quarterback spills his heart out, declaring his accountability for the crushing defeat.

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"I want to let you know my thought process," Wilson says in the video. "I know I threw that pass and I know I will throw another one. Hopefully I will be remembered for something different."

With an unprecedented contract extension likely on the horizon, it's likely we'll see much more football from Wilson in a Seahawks uniform. If his track record has anything to do with it, we'll see more memorable football, too.

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