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Will Hill ready to finally play full 16-game slate

The Baltimore Ravens are depending heavily on former Giants safety Will Hill this season, and according to early reports, he's looking the part.

Hill is stronger, especially in the upper body. He's enthusiastic.

He's also not afraid to address the elephant in the room.

"I came back six games late," Hill recently said, via The Baltimore Sun. "I'm just trying to get a good 16 games this year."

Due to various suspensions, Hill has not played a full 16-game season in the NFL yet. When he is on the field, his talent is evident. The Giants, knowing that he had to get away from his hometown in northern New Jersey, simply couldn't allow him to stay on their roster after a third drug-related issue last spring.

His final 10 games in Baltimore worked out well, but now everyone will be crossing their fingers again.

"Yeah, it's a good relationship with the Ravens," Hill said. "Ozzie had a lot of faith in me, and I had a lot of faith in him. That's my best friend right now. To have me come here and help me with my life, it means a lot."

He added that he only spends time with his daughter and then heads to the facility.

Of course, Hill said something similar in the past only to get hit with another suspension.

To his credit, he has always been willing to address his problems. He made an attempt at rehabilitation and spent time in an outpatient facility as well.

The Ravens are hoping this is finally the matured Hill they're hearing from.

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