Will Darrelle Revis still train with Patriots in offseason?

Darrelle Revis has gone back to being enemy of Patriot Nation, but that won't stop his former teammates from working out with him this summer.

Revis and Ryan share an agent, which makes the centralized training a worthwhile investment, but many players who train with Revis end up coming back for more.

Before J.J. Watt and his deluxe cabin, there was Revis, who spent a majority of his offseasons holed up in a training facility preparing his body for the coming season.

Though Watt gets more credit for being the ultimate workout warrior in July, Revis now casts a pretty wide net of admirers who keep coming back.

During his first stint with the Jets, it was almost required that struggling younger players fly out to Arizona to go through the program. McCourty, Ryan and Wilson aren't exactly struggling, but they'd like to get better so replacing Revis won't seem so hard.

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