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Wilkerson won't say if he'll report to training camp

Muhammad Wilkersonremains miffed he can't get a long-term deal with the New York Jets.

On Friday at his annual charity bowling event, Wilkerson wouldn't say whether he would report to training camp next month if he doesn't have a long-term contract.

"I'm not going to answer that question right now because there's no deal in place," Wilkerson said, via "Nobody knows what can happen."

If the sides don't come to a deal by the July 15 deadline, Wilkerson would have to play under the franchise tag or sit out part of the season.

The defensive lineman also declined to say whether he would hold out into the season if he doesn't get a new contract.

Wilkerson's non-response isn't a surprise after he blasted the Jets earlier this week to the New York Post, saying he doesn't feel wanted.

"I feel like I deserve it a new deal, but I understand it's a business. My focus right now is rehabbing the leg and getting ready," Wilkerson reiterated. "I'm surprised, frustrated, but what can I do? What can I say?"

After players like Olivier Vernon and Fletcher Cox got paid monster money, Wilk wants to join the club.

"Happy for those guys," Wilkerson said. "But I know I deserve it."

His last ounce of leverage is withholding his services (he can't be fined until he signs the franchise tag tender). Whether the defensive lineman will play that card remains to be seen.

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