Which job is better: Jacksonville or Los Angeles?

At 5:53 p.m. ET Sunday night, a second head coaching vacancy opened up. The Jacksonville Jaguarsannounced that they'd parted ways with Gus Bradley after three-plus seasons, 14 wins and 48 losses. They join the Los Angeles Rams in the early hunt for a new head coach, opting for the strategy utilized by the Eagles last year. Philadelphia fired then-head coach Chip Kelly after Week 16 in order to conduct thorough exit interviews with players and get a jump start on the coaching carousel.

There are plenty of intriguing names out there as we listed in our latest head coaching candidates list. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport also brought to our attention that Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan could be a hot name in the coming weeks during GameDay Morning.

But of those available candidates, is there a job they'd covet more? Here's a look at both openings as they stand now and some thoughts on which may be a more desirable vacancy for a potential head coach. To be clear, this piece does not reflect the opinion of any current or prospective head coach. These views are mine only.

Better offense: This could come down to preference. Clearly, Blake Bortles has the ability to hurl a bunch of touchdowns and has two very good wide receivers (Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns) to help him do it. However, his mechanical regression in Year 3 might be scary to some coaches who will have to find a strong support staff to prop him back up again. Perhaps a coach prefers the blank canvas feel of former No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff, who will end up having a minimum of seven NFL starts under his belt by the time a new head coach is installed. If the Jaguars have a slight advantage at wide receiver, the Rams have a clear advantage at running back with a wash when it comes down to offensive line.

Advantage: TIE. There will be coaches who feel Todd Gurley complements their personal style better, where others will covet the talented, home grown wideouts in Jacksonville.

Better defense:I think everyone will jump to the eventual answer immediately, but let's think on this for a second. Aaron Donald is one of the three best defensive players in football. Having that single entity to disrupt a game plan will be very enticing and surrounding him with Robert Quinn and Michael Brockers -- both under team control for the foreseeable future -- has to be a big recruiting advantage. Dealing with the Trumaine Johnson situation quickly and ensuring that Los Angeles has at least one top-flight cornerback installed for the long-term could help. But ... I think there will be coaches out there who love Jacksonville's defensive potential. Jalen Ramsey had a very, very good rookie season and is only getting better. Malik Jackson didn't vanish as many suspected, either and was playing just as well as the Jurrell Casey's and Linval Joseph's of the world. Add that into a fresh start with talented but woefully under-used rookie Myles Jack and former No. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler and you might have something. It's certainly not a deterrent.

Advantage: Los Angeles

Better chance to 'win now': I don't see a near future that does not include the Seahawks atop the NFC West, and if you would like to bet against Bruce Arians after a down year go right on ahead. L.A. will be slightly more attractive because of the personnel, but Jacksonville will be attractive because of their combination of personnel and the division they currently sit in. The AFC South has been miserable in 2016, with the Texansfinally admitting to a massive mistake and benching Brock Osweiler. The Titans are certainly on the rise, and the Colts should not be counted out, but is there any doubt a good head coach can come in and make the Jaguars competitive right away?

Advantage: Jacksonville

Better 'life situation': This is all-encompassing and, again, could come down to preference. Los Angeles is the bigger market and will come with far more pressure. You will have brand new facilities at your disposal eventually as well as a massive space station stadium coming in 2019 that you might or might not have to share. In Jacksonville, you're going to a place that just wants to be in the mix. The team has also promised to renovate an already renovated EverBank Stadium and blend it in with the Jacksonville River District over the coming years, which could create a pretty unique atmosphere.

Some other points to consider: Jaguars owner Shad Khan is an advantage. His patience and understanding with Gus Bradley would be attractive to any head coach. This is not to say he will tolerate losing, but he seems more open minded and independent of the group thought that so often drives decisions. Florida also has no state income tax, and the Jaguars have shown a willingness to be open to "new" statistics and innovations (that, depending on the coach could theoretically also be a disadvantage).


While all NFL jobs are open for a reason (meaning that a coach is not walking into the chance to coach the Pittsburgh Steelers), both of these certainly have their strong points. The next head coaches of the Jaguars and Rams could be starting with much, much less.

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