When will the Titans give Zach Mettenberger a shot?

The Titans' underwhelming quarterback situation might be due for a change soon, but Ken Whisenhunt isn't saying when.

The Tennessee coach plans to stick with Jake Locker once the injured quarterback returns to practice, which is expected to happen Wednesday. But he also has a rookie sixth-round pick in Zach Mettenberger full of potential waiting around for an opportunity.

"I know he's growing up from the standpoint of his preparation, how he handles himself in the huddle," Whisenhunt said of Mettenberger, via ESPN.com. "He's gotten some reps, especially with the starting offense just because of the quarterback situation the last couple weeks."

At 2-5, the Titansdon't really look like a team primed to go on a run, and they could really use some inspiration at the quarterback position. If they know it's not coming from Locker, and it certainly isn't coming from Charlie Whitehurst, why not give the rookie a shot?

"As far as putting him out there too early or not putting him out there too early, there are all kinds of different schools of thought on that," Whisenhunt said. "I think he's got to work hard and prepare as best he can. Because at some point he'll play. He'll get his chance."

The chance should come sooner rather than later for the former LSU standout. Mettenberger injured himself at a crucial time in college and missed the chance to be lumped in with the rest of 2014's better rookie quarterbacks. Whisenhunt could use the remainder of the season to see if he really did get a first-round talent before picking high in the draft again.

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