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What are the Eagles offering for No. 2?

Will the Eagles have enough ammo to get to No. 2 and snag Marcus Mariota? If nothing else, they're certainly going to try.

According to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, the team's stockpile of picks and players -- which is also being dangled in front of the Bucs at No. 1 -- includes a pair of first-round picks, a third-round pick, Sam Bradford, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, Mychal Kendricks and more.

We'll find out if that's good enough in a matter of minutes.

At first glance, it would seem like Chip Kelly is trying to capitalize on a Titans team that is lukewarm at best on Mariota. The deal looks steep on paper but is nowhere near the price of some other draft-day blockbusters.

Cox will be a nice piece for a team looking to add a punch to their defense, but will Boykin or Kendricks move the needle? The Eagles will also need to work on getting those extra first-rounders, too.

If nothing else, Kelly continues to make the NFL more interesting. We'll see if he can swing a serious deal Thursday night.

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