Whaley: Bills would 'love' to have Percy Harvin back

The Buffalo Bills might not know "what's going on" with Percy Harvin, but they won't rule out bringing the enigmatic wide receiver back.

General manager Doug Whaley told WGR Sports Radio 550 on Friday that he'd like to bring back the free agent wideout, once Harvin is healthy.

"Absolutely. No doubt about it," Whaley said, via the team's official website. "Obviously the first thing for Percy is he's got to get completely healthy. Once he's healthy we'll reach out to his guy and explain that we'd like to have him back. I think when he was on the field people took notice and he helped us when Sammy was out. So we would love to have him back."

There are a plethora of issues with bringing back Harvin. The most important of which is that the receiver is rarely healthy. Since 2012 he's appeared in just 28 of a possible 64 regular season games.

The next issue is cap space, of which the Bills have none. If Harvin were to return it'd have to be for pennies.

The third is how he fits in the locker room. While we heard little in Buffalo of the troubles that followed Harvin early in his career, there is always concern. If he would stunt Sammy Watkins' growth as a leader, Harvin is not someone the Bills want around.

The next issue is whether the wideout even wants to play. Before he was place on injured reserve, there was speculation that Harvin could consider retiring.

Harvin remains the same as he's been the past four years: A tantalizing figure on paper with little to no production on the field.

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