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Weekly rankings: LeSean McCoy is still the one

Well it's always flattering to know people are paying attention to the ratings. Especially when that person is LeSean McCoy.

Love this kid! We've been excited about McCoy and Chip Kelly's offense all offseason. And he's made us look pretty good so far this season. I'll even excuse a somewhat subpar performance in Week 4. It happens to the best of us. Will he continue to stick in the top spot?

Well, let's put it this way, he plays the New York Giants. So yeah, excuse the spoiler, but this dude is going to have a monster week. But enough of that, let's get into the rankings.


  • There are a ton of great quarterbacks to go with this week. And the only real loss from a fantasy perspective for bye weeks is Robert Griffin III. That's easily overcome this week. But keep an eye out on your waiver wire. Some naïve owners might drop RGIII, which seems weird to say, just keep a look out.
  • Michael Vick has a fantastic matchup. He's on pace to put up a ton of points.

Running backs

  • And now with Ray Rice! Sorry folks, I'm a moron. I forgot to put Rice back in the rankings as I moved things around.
  • Good news, LeSean! You're still my No. 1 guy. Is it because Adrian Peterson is on a bye week? I'll never know. But just respect that you're still the top guy. And yes, no disrespect to anybody else.
  • We are very thin at running back this week. Where you can make a case for tons of guys at quarterback, I was surprised how meager things got in a hurry. I'm in a world of hurt in my League of Record (the league I care about the most, which in this case is with my friends from Corona, Calif.), but I like my stable of RBs, which includes Trent Richardson, Steven Jackson, Knowshon Moreno and Le'Veon Bell. I need to swing a trade. I'm trying to swindle, I mean trade with Doc Z, giving him Bell for A.J. Green. But he went to med school, I'm not sure it's going to work.

*Sleeper alert: Danny Woodhead. He's had his points increase for three consecutive weeks.

Wide receivers

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  • I feel like I'm too heavy with the Eagles players at the top. And it scares me because the Giants can't be this awful. But I'm still going to go with Eagles players until forced not to. I'm not going to fear one great game from the Giants. Though I really do.
  • Again, if I'm going to try to make a deal for A.J. Green, I'm probably pretty high on the guy still. Don't let some bad weeks fool with your head.
  • Jordy Nelson returns as does Randall Cobb. I'm going all-in with these guys against the Lions, even though Detroit has improved a lot on defense.
  • Larry Fitzgerald is to be trusted again. He might not be as dynamic. But that was a tough matchup last week and he came through.
  • If the Ravens want to ignore the run game, then make sure Torrey Smith is in your lineup.

Tight ends

  • Again, if you can flex Jordan Cameron, do it. He would be about my No. 15 receiver, maybe higher. But get him in your lineup any way possible.
  • Rob Gronkowski should be higher in my rankings. I hope I don't get an angry call from his father.


  • All right, I might be in love with Seabass. But the Raiders could put up some points against the Chargers this week. I'm not scared.


  • You might believe the St. Louis defense is hot garbage after last week, but put it out of your mind. It has Jacksonville this week. Make sure it's in your lineup. Just don't make the mistake of dropping the Chiefs' D. It will be the No. 1 defense going forward until it faces the Broncos. And even then, I will swoop in and pick up Kansas City if it is ever released.

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