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Week 6 Madden matchups


EA Sports

Welcome to the Week 6 Madden matchup preview, where we break down the three best games of the week from the perspective of the Madden player. So pick up those controllers and get ready for some gaming action.

It's no secret that the Panthers have had a soft schedule that has allowed them to climb their way to 4-0. This week they head to Seattle to play a Seahawks team at a crossroads. From the Madden standpoint, you're going to see Marshawn Lynch back in the game, but I implore you to try as hard as you can to throw the ball to Jimmy Graham. Graham has struggled to find any semblance of rhythm in the Seahawks system and I'm begging you to see how easy it is to get him involved. Slide Russell Wilson's protection to the opposite side and call a seam route or a 10-yard out route for Graham and roll Russell towards the Graham side and enjoy the benefits.

This game is awesome because there are no overpowered players on either team. You will be forced into playing to the strategy that each team actually plays. Kirk Cousins struggles to throw some of the long and medium range passes, which will mean that you can't try to rely on the bombs to keep your team in the game. Look to use the short routes and the screens to exploit the sides not defended by that man named Darrelle Revis. If you play as the Jets, you should be trying your hardest to get one of your linebackers or safeties a free shot at Cousins. Blitz every single down until Cousins proves he can beats you.

It's a travesty that the Lions haven't won a game yet. Their receiving core is one of the best in the league. Their quarterback was a Pro Bowler last year. Their young running back looks like he will be one of the best in the league someday and yet, here they are sitting with zero wins. Play as the lions and help them earn their first win of the year. The Bears lack defensive line depth, take advantage of that. Run slants with Golden Tate and sweeps with Ameer Abdullah. His incredible speed will bode well for this game.

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