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Week 16 NFL playoff clinching scenarios

With two weeks left in the regular season, the playoff scenarios only deepen. Here's the scenarios for the rest of Week 16.


CLINCHED: Dallas Cowboys -- playoff berth, NFC East title, first-round playoff bye, home-field advantage in NFC playoffs; Seattle Seahawks -- NFC West title; Atlanta Falcons -- NFC South title; New York Giants -- playoff berth
ELIMINATED: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Arizona, Philadelphia, Carolina, New Orleans, Minnesota.

Detroit clinches a playoff berth:
1) DET win + TB loss or tie
2) DET tie + TB loss


CLINCHED: New England Patriots -- AFC East title title and first-round bye; Oakland Raiders -- playoff berth; Houston Texans -- AFC South title; Pittsburgh Steelers -- AFC North title; Kansas City Chiefs -- playoff berth; Miami Dolphins -- playoff berth
ELIMINATED: Cleveland, Jacksonville, NY Jets, San Diego, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Buffalo, Baltimore, Denver

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