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Week 14 quotes from 'NFL GameDay Final'

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"This is probably the most concerning injury that he has had in terms of playing the next game. If he had to play today, he would not have been able to answer the bell."

-- Steve Mariucci on Vikings QB Brett Favre, who has a sprained right shoulder

"Simply put: the greatest accomplishment in professional sports."

-- Michael Irvin on Brett Favre's streak of 297 consecutive regular season starts

"We thought this would be a rebuilding year for the Patriots with all these rookies playing. Forget about that, this team is legit. They probably are the favorite to win the Super Bowl right now."

-- Steve Mariucci on the 11-2 New England Patriots, who clinched a playoff berth

"This young defense is starting to show up, make plays and if they continue to play like this, we'll know all of their names."

-- Michael Irvin on the New England Patriots defense

"They are by far playing the best football in the National Football League."

-- Michael Irvin on the 11-2 New England Patriots

"Tom Brady is the guy, he's the leader. He's not relying on that great defense where he used to rely on for the Super Bowl wins; he is now the leader of this football team."

-- Steve Mariucci on Patriots QB Tom Brady

"When Michael Vick is able to roll to his left and throw back across the field, I don't think the entire NFL is prepared for a play like that."

-- Deion Sanders on a 60-yard pass from Michael Vick to DeSean Jackson to open the game

"As a cornerback, you never risk a play of this magnitude at this time of the game. Tight game, make the sure tackle. You know you're not going to get the pick; make the play."

-- Deion Sanders on Eagles WR DeSean Jackson's 91-yard touchdown against Dallas CB Mike Jenkins

"Say what you will about Jon Kitna. He's earned a starting job somewhere next season for some team."

-- Deion Sanders on Dallas QB Jon Kitna, who threw for 242 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles

"That's how you finish a football game. That shows me they're a heck of a playoff team."

-- Steve Mariucci on the Eagles final drive

"The only thing that scares me is this defense, this secondary. They gave up a plethora of yards rushing today."

-- Deion Sanders on the defense of the Atlanta Falcons that gave up 212 yards rushing against Carolina

"Let's not forget about the Saints. They have six wins in a row. The Super Bowl champs are back."

-- Steve Mariucci on the New Orleans Saints

"He's in a little bit of a slump right now and that will happen to a second-year quarterback. Right now Rex has to decide do you let him push through it, or do you let him sit and watch somebody else for a little bit?"

-- Steve Mariucci on New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who has thrown an interception in eight consecutive games

"You have a New York Jets team that is built for right now but you have a quarterback in place that's not going to be ready until later."

-- Deion Sanders on the New York Jets, who lost to the Miami Dolphins

"The Chargers made a statement today."

-- Steve Mariucci on the San Diego Chargers' 31-0 win over the Kansas City Chiefs

"He's not being mentioned amongst the leaders of the quarterbacks, but this guy is a team leader and a playmaker."

-- Deion Sanders on Jaguars QB David Garrard

"This team isn't winning a lot of games but they are playing until the end. I'm proud of them."

-- Deion Sanders on the 3-10 Buffalo Bills

Bob Papa Reports from Detroit:

"The New York Giants' strange odyssey to play the Minnesota Vikings ends on Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit. After spending time in Kansas City and never making it to Minneapolis, the Giants touched down in Detroit late Sunday afternoon. The Giants went through their normal pre-game routines on the night before a game with their team meetings and chair drill. They kept things loose while they were still trying to figure out when they were going to play and where they'd play by having a rookie talent show."

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