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Week 13 – Quotable from <i>NFL GameDay Final</i> on NFL Network

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"It seems like this is the way Baltimore loses to Pittsburgh all the time. You have opportunities in the red zone, you don't capitalize on them, and late in the game Big Ben does some of that Big Ben stuff, and he ends up winning the game."

-- Michael Irvin on the Baltimore Ravens' 13-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers

"You can't take his intensity away. You've got to let him be who he is. He's very physical, (and) he's a very tough, sturdy player. He plays with aggression and a lot of emotion."

-- Deion Sanders on Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison

"When you're guessing as to if he's coming or not, sooner or later you're going to make a mistake, as they did there."

-- Steve Mariucci on the forced fumble by Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu

"Other quarterbacks are hard to sack, like Michael Vick, because he's quick and fast. Peyton Manning is hard to sack because he gets rid of the ball quickly. Ben is hard to sack because he's 250 pounds and very strong in the pocket. One guy can't bring him down."

-- Steve Mariucci on why Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger is difficult to sack

"You earn respect of your teammates and opponents by playing hurt and playing well hurt, and that's what Ben is doing right now."

-- Steve Mariucci on Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger playing with a broken foot and a broken nose

"They have to find a way to get this guy involved more. He's explosive, and he knows what to do with the ball."

-- Deion Sanders on Dallas RB Tashard Choice, who rushed for 100 yards and a touchdown against Indianapolis

"Peyton needs a running game to help him out, and he doesn't have that. He's forced to throw passes into coverages, and that's causing a problem."

-- Michael Irvin on Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning throwing 11 interceptions in the last 3 games

"Peyton Manning is a great quarterback. He will go down in history as one of the greatest, but he's just not getting it done at this point, and this team isn't as good as it once was."

-- Deion Sanders on Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning, who threw four interceptions in back-to-back games for the first time in his career

"The thing I love about our game is we are a league that will give you a second chance. This guy is having a second chance, making the most of his opportunity, (and) he's maximizing the moment."

-- Deion Sanders on Tampa Bay rookie RB LeGarrette Blount, who had 103 yards and touchdown against Atlanta

"These are two young great quarterbacks and two young football teams that will be rivals for a long time."

-- Steve Mariucci on Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Josh Freeman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"These New Orleans Saints are marching in."

-- Deion Sanders on the New Orleans Saints, who have won five consecutive games

"Tarvaris Jackson gives this team something different. It gives them an opportunity to get some yardage in the run game from the quarterback position. And I don't think he's hurting the team any more than Brett Favre has hurt the team."

-- Michael Irvin on why Tarvaris Jackson should start at QB for the Minnesota Vikings

"This is the first game that the New England Patriots will admit, reluctantly, that they're going to miss Randy Moss. In the last four meetings, this guy has scored three touchdowns against the Jets, and he's not there."

-- Deion Sanders on the New England Patriots facing the New York Jets without Randy Moss

"It doesn't matter who throws this man the ball; he goes and gets it in the end zone."

-- Michael Irvin on Detroit WR Calvin Johnson, who has 12 touchdowns this season

Who's better in the NFC South, Atlanta Falcons or New Orleans Saints?

"Irvin: Atlanta Falcons

"Mariucci: Atlanta Falcons

"Sanders: Atlanta Falcons

Who's the best team in the NFC North?

Sanders: Chicago Bears

Mariucci: Green Bay Packers

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