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Week 10 showcases some big divisional showdowns

Remember the lockout? Yeah, I barely do, too, even though I froze through a suit on 21st Street in D.C. in March and then sweated through a few suits right back on the same street in July.

Well, this is one of the final weeks where we'll deal with what little vestiges of the lockout remain. Because there are no byes this week -- though some teams have them in Week 11 -- and almost every game is either a division matchup or an interconference game. Quirky deal, for sure, but obviously there were some scheduling contingencies built in given the uncertainty last spring and summer.

Either way, it's a boon for us now. Fans get a full 16 games and a bunch of games that could end up being the difference between teams making or missing the postseason. Most important of all, Thursday Night Football on NFL Network is back, featuring one of those big divisional battles no less. Remember, games here are rated as either a footlong, a six-inch, a pita or a finger sandwich. Let the football feast now spread to three days a week!

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