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We're here to help the Jags name their saucy defense

This is a time of great hope for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who feel like a team on the brink of at long-last escaping the endless shadow of 3-13.

The Jags have won more than they've lost this season -- this is the latest the Jags have been above .500 since 2010 -- and their success has been achieved almost entirely upon two things: 1) The exploits of rookie running back Leonard Fournette and 2) A stingy defense that enters Sunday an NFL-best in both sacks and turnovers.

Yes, this is a very good Jacksonville defense. In fairness, it was more than passable last year, too, but the almost impressive dysfunction of the offense obscured that fact to most. Fournette's impact on the other side of the ball has allowed the Jaguars D to actually win games now. The secondary, led by All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey, is especially stout, and the Jaguars are now looking to market the unit with your help.

The replies include a lot of what you might expect: Opposing fan base troll jobs, tremendously poor ideas and, of course, needless political discourse. Still, there are some diamonds in the rough here. Let's power rank, baby!

1. Sacksonville -- The Jaguars have 20 sacks through five games, so it checks out. Not outrageously inventive, but it comes off the tongue easy.

2. Teal Curtain -- Love the play on the name of the famous Steelers D from the '70s, but what exactly does an off-green curtain stop? Interior decorating awards?

3. Thundercats -- I'll pound the table for this one mostly because I watched the cartoon relentlessly as a kid. "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

4. Jaxson Five -- This is a way better name for a secondary than the "No Fly Zone" in Denver.

5. Teal Team Six -- Solid name, nice reminder that we done did Bin Laden. USA.

6. Duval Doom -- I had no idea that Jacksonville was part of Duval County until now and I'm sure I'm not alone.

7. Lord Ramsey and the Night's Watch -- So you're going to connect your best defensive player to the Bastard of Bolton? Problematic. Plus you're cross-polinating GOT subplots. Just sloppy.

8. Sassy Cats -- I know I should hate it, and yet ...

9. Picksonville -- Snore.

10. Sacksonville Teal Assassins -- Too many ideas here.

11. Pick-Fil-A! Not open on Sundays! -- This is so stupid that it almost comes all the way around to being good. But not quite.

12. Kitty Claw Clampdown -- This feels degrading to all parties involved.

13. The reason my fantasy team is 5-0 -- Now that's just a lie.

14. SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: "Cat 5" force winds. Throw at your own risk! -- Woof. In fairness, this would be a home run for one of those Costacos Brothers posters from the '80s and '90s.

15. 3 a.m. ... because nothing's open -- People are just saying things they see in the room now. Let's shut it down.

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