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Wayne wants one more year, says teams are calling

Reggie Wayne wasn't ready to hang it up when the Colts let him go back in March, and with training camp rapidly approaching, his feelings have not changed.

"Ideal is playing one more year and hanging it up," Wayne told RTV6 in Indianapolis on Friday.

Added Mike Wells of Wayne said that teams have been calling.

This is not a surprise given Wayne's production and longevity over the years. He'll likely be patient during the process and let the market dictate itself during training camp when the inevitable wave of devastating injuries occurs.

As a vested veteran, his best bet will likely be a post-Week 1 pickup where a team doesn't have to guarantee his salary for the entire year. A learning curve with such a legendary wide receiver shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Wayne stands far above a class of big-name free agents that are still waiting on the sidelines for a final chance. The group includes Wes Welker, Michael Vick, Dwight Freeny, Ahmad Bradshaw and a few others. None, though, seem to have the instant cache that Wayne would.

The list of receiver-needy teams is a long one, from Oakland, Carolina and Cleveland all the way down to Jacksonville, Tennessee and maybe even New Orleans.

If Wayne is indeed getting phone calls, he'll probably wait for a winner to emerge from the pack before making his decision.

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