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Watt on Mettenberger: This is the NFL, not high school

It's safe to say Watt was not amused by the Tennessee Titans' rookie quarterback, and could have been particularly annoyed by Mettenberger's "Sunday Selfie." Watt responded with two sacks and a forced fumble during a 30-16 win, and celebrated one of those sacks by pretending to take a selfie. Watt saved some of his best hits for after the game.

"It was kind of a reminder that this is the NFL, not high school. This is the National Football League. Welcome to the show," Watt said after the game, via the Houston Chronicle.

On one hand, Watt sounds like he's telling some youngster to get off his lawn. On the other hand, all quarterbacks should live in constant fear of Watt, never giving him extra reasons to get ornery.

"I take this game seriously," Watt said. "If I were a rookie being named a starter for the first time, I'd be a little more focused. But we won the game. That's all that matters."

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