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Washington Redskins GM wants 12 picks by draft day

Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan clearly subscribes to the theory that more draft picks means a better chance of striking gold.

After coming out of the 2015 draft with 10 picks, he wants to up the ante in 2016.

McCloughan recently told the team's official website that he wants 12 picks in this year's draft.

"The thing is, the more you kind of swing at it, the more chances you've got to hit," McCloughan said Sunday. "And I think last year we had a solid draft -- we got some guys that came in and helped us win a division -- we're going to keep adding to it. And the more picks I can get, the more younger guys -- the more healthier guys -- I'm going that route."

This is the same theory lauded by the likes of Bill Belichick, Chip Kelly (who said as much last year while being badgered about a potential Mariota trade) and, honestly, any general manager or coach who isn't spending lavishly in free agency right now. The build through the draft model has been a consistent blueprint for success over the years and creates a stable of personalized talent at controllable salaries.

But for Washington, allowing McCloughan to execute without restrictions was a no-brainer. Remember just a few years back, the Jets kept all 12 of their draft picks acquired by then-general manager John Idzik and ended up with a disaster class that ended up in Idzik losing his job. McCloughan, on the other hand, has had a large hand in building two of the deepest rosters of the decade in Seattle and San Francisco.

Recreational poker players always talk about it being a game of luck, but the best always seem to find their way to the final table. McCloughan, who nailed his first four picks a year ago, could be dangerous with that many chances to hit.

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