Ware: Broncos 'gotta roll' with QBs over Tony Romo

Even though Broncos players have repeatedly professed their confidence in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch this offseason, it seems the trappings of good television require an effort to get them to discuss Tony Romo, a quarterback who could potentially be for sale.

Back on Jan. 22, DeMarcus Ware said on *GameDay Morning:* "I just think he (would) be a great fit for the Denver Broncos, but also, we already got two vested guys in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. So you got to think about what type of message you want to send to the team."

Friday, in an appearance on Good Morning Football, he had this to say on the matter:

"I would like to reunite with Romo," Ware said. "He's one of those quarterbacks where he's good but the thing is, I know what we have with the Denver Broncos and you gotta go with what you have. Play with what you got and just roll with it."

Ware is currently a free agent and stated his plans to play in 2017.

"I talked to Vance and he said I'm part of the equation," Ware told ESPN on Friday. "Hopefully I come back there, and I want to, but it's also about the man who writes the checks and that's [team executive John] Elway. But I'm ready, I'm passionate and I want to lead that defense."

Given that he's not under contract, the Broncos owe him an extra debt of gratitude for not stirring up any potential rumors that would damage the psyche of their young quarterbacks. This defense, as presently constructed, is still good enough to remain competitive in the AFC West with replacement level play under center. Bringing in someone like Romo could destroy their salary cap and prevent them from spending money to patch up any holes new coach Vance Joseph might see in their dominant front.

Plus, as NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport has noted multiple times, the Broncos are not currently inclined to do a deal with Dallas. It is looking more likely that Romo could be a Sam Bradford trading chip of sorts.

Plans and circumstances always change, but for right now, Denver seems intent on making it work with what they have.

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