Wagner: Sherman will be motivated to beat Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks face another former member of the Legion of Boom this week. This time around, it's corner Richard Sherman, who kickstarted national recognition of the LOB by trash talking Tom Brady back in 2012.

In his second season away from Seattle, Sherman is back to his All-Pro form, as a lock-down, ignore-my-side-of-the-field corner.

Whether or not Sherman is over his exit from Seattle, former teammate Bobby Wagner said he expects the cornerback -- who has never let a chance for real or perceived motivation to slip past -- will juice himself up with the #RevengeGame.

"I don't know if it still bothers him or not, but he'll make it bother him before the game," Wagner said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. "He'll find a way. Maybe I'll help give him some more stuff to help bother him before the game.

"I'm pretty sure he wants to beat us. I'm not saying that he sat there and marked this game on his calendar but, when it comes up, you know that he wants to win down there. Look at how he was the last game that they won down there, he was pretty excited about it. I'll try to make sure he's not excited this week."

Monday night marks Sherman's third game against his former team. In two tilts last year, Russell Wilson mostly ignored Sherman's side of the field but did beat him for a TD in the first matchup.

A year further removed from an Achilles injury that ended his run with Seattle, Sherman is playing at an All-Pro level for a 49ers defense that has demolished opponents on its way to an 8-0 record. The 31-year-old has three interceptions, one returned for a touchdown.

Wagner couldn't help but rib his former teammate.

"He looks really good," Wagner said. "He got a couple picks, he ran one back. He almost got caught when he ran it back. He almost fumbled it too. We've got to talk to him about that. He looks great, coming back to his old self."

Sherman's old self combines swagger with gobs of personal motivation. Facing his former team will provide plenty of inspiration Monday night. Not that he needs it.

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