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Wade Phillips throws epic Twitter shade at Packers

And we all thought Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the master of the subtle post-game troll.

The grape soda-drinking quarterback got a taste of his own medicine on Sunday night when his team received some Twitter shade by way of 68-year-old Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips following the 29-10 beatdown.

We see what you did there, Wade. Packers, Wisconsin, cheese. After building a game plan that holds Rodgers to a career-low 77 passing yards -- really, that's incredible -- you can say whatever you want on Twitter. Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL and statistical irregularities like this hit once or twice every five seasons.

Phillips, though, did make one critical error.

He said he likes chicken parm -- a Peyton Manning trademark -- especially with cheese. The problem is, if the original dish did not already have cheese on it, it wouldn't have been chicken parm in the first place. The cheese is already built in.

I suppose the correct dig would have been, especially with extra cheese, but really, for a 68-year-old his Twitter game is strong.

Keep on keepin' on, Wade.

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