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Vikings GM: Bridgewater can take next step indoors

Will Teddy Bridgewater play better indoors?

That's the theory from Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, who thinks that the move to brand new U.S. Bank Stadium will be an asset.

"I think it's just in general, quarterbacks playing indoors (play better)," Spielman said on PFT Live, via ESPN Minnesota. "If you look at Teddy's stats and how he performed when we were indoors, in Detroit or even out in Arizona, some of those ideal conditions, we feel he can take another step forward. But he still has to play outdoors."

Bridgewater is 2-2 as a pro in domed stadiums and 0-1 in retractable roof stadiums, with four touchdowns and three interceptions in five games, according to splits provided by Pro Football Reference. However, he does have a significantly higher completion percentage (70 indoors, 63 outdoors) and yards per game, which climbs by almost 40.

He made incremental strides in 2015 statistically, seeing his completion percentage rise from 64 to 65 and his interceptions drop from 12 to nine. His yards per game fell, but with the return of Adrian Peterson, that decline was expected. Still, buoyed by an excellent defense, Bridgewater had the Vikings in position to travel down to Carolina in the divisional round of the playoffs. There is no doubt he is viewed as an ascending player still.

Spielman is right in that most quarterbacks play better indoors anyway, so the move is probably a win-win for the Vikings' offense so long as the turf situation is agreeable to everyone. And anything that makes a young, rising player better is a good thing.

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