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Vikes' Mike Wallace: 'I'm the fastest player in the NFL'

If it's the time period between the draft and the start of training camp, that means someone is honking about being the fastest player in the NFL.

Enter Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace, who is the under the impression that no man in the National Football League can defeat him in a common footrace.

"Without a doubt, I'm the fastest player in the NFL," Wallace said, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "If somebody feels foggy about that, we can (race). I'm never going to back down from competition."

In the old days, the NFL actually held a "NFL's Fastest Man" competition, though that event was discontinued after 2007. In the years since, we've been subject to boasts of the unbacked variety. There was also that one time Chris Johnson raced a cheetah.

Seriously, this is actually a thing that happened:

Speaking of Johnson, he holds the NFL Scouting Combine record in the 40-yard dash, running a 4.24 in 2008. He's currently without a job in the NFL, technically removing him from the conversation.

"I've run a lot of routes and I've got a lot of miles on my legs, but I still feel that there's nobody (in the NFL) who can run with me," said Wallace. "I might have slowed down a little but I could still run 4.25."

We'll link back to this post next spring when another player claims to be the game's most fleet of foot.

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