Vic Fangio bans music at Broncos training camp

Most people view music in the summertime as the perfect backdrop for any activity. Vic Fangio isn't one of those people.

The Denver Broncos head coach took the time during Day 2 of training camp Friday to address why he doesn't want any music played during workouts.

"There's no music in games. And when it comes to the point where we need to simulate crowd noise in practice, which we will do, it will be noise. It won't be music," said Fangio, via NFL Network's James Palmer. "Noise, by definition, sounds annoying. Music sounds nice."

There's no word yet on how this decision will impact the players overall, although it'll be interesting to see if players voice any displeasure.

For what it's worth, Fangio's comments directly contradict those made in 2014 by former tight end Julius Thomas, who played in Denver the first three years of his career (2011-14) when Fangio was the defensive coordinator for the Niners. Sure, Thomas -- who retired in 2017 after a seven-year career -- doesn't represent all players' way of thinking but he did provide a pro-music player's perspective.

"The white noise is easier to block out. I think when they play music, it makes it a bit tougher. Just noise isn't as distracting as maybe a song that you recognize," Thomas said in 2014, per Arnie Stapelton of The Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Say you're hearing a song that in your off time you enjoy and you sing along to, when you're able to block that out, then you're able to do your best to block out crowd noise."

Nonetheless, after going 6-10 last season, the Broncos most likely prefer waiting to hear music after reaching the end zone during the regular season versus training camp.

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