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Tyreek Hill excited by Patrick Mahomes' play in practice: 'He's throwing dots'

The reigning Super Bowl MVP is just days from attempting to defend his crown and his team's throne, and it appears his weaponry is polished, oiled, loaded and ready to fire.

Tyreek Hill told reporters Thursday his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has looked a different kind of special in practice this week.

"I haven't seen Pat throw dots like this before in practice," Hill said. "I mean, he’s throwing dots. It's crazy."

For those unfamiliar with the term, Mahomes isn't throwing around brightly colored gumdrops. Dots are what some might know as dimes or darts: an accurate, perfectly placed and timed pass that usually results in substantial gains. A ball thrown in a tight window between two defenders that hits the receiver right in the center of his catch radius for a gain of 20 is a dot. And Mahomes -- a quarterback known for covering the field in dots -- is throwing plenty of them in the lead-up to Super Bowl LV, according to Hill.

This begs the question: Is there something to the theory of poor dress rehearsals leading to premier performances? Might this lead to a reversal, in which a great practice produces a poor outing? Are we filling the endless space of the internet with literary hand-wringing?

The world may never know. But Hill did provide us with some hard truth before leaving his presser Thursday.

"You all see this gold chain?" Hill asked. "It’s fake."

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