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Ty Law: Darrelle Revis should sit out vs. New York Jets

Darrelle Revis will play Sunday for the first time since his season-ending ACL injury last September when his Tampa Bay Buccaneerstake on his former team, the New York Jets.

Ty Law, a former Jet and three-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, is a close friend of Revis and doesn't believe Sunday's matchup is worthy of the cornerback's comeback.

"I don't think the Jets team or the receivers are even worthy of him coming out for this game," Law said in an interview with Sports Illustrated, per ESPN New York. "He could've had the bad knee and covered these guys. He should sit out this game and wait to make a real splash."

Law played for the Jets in 2005 and 2008 (Revis' second season with the Jets). He grew up in the same town as Revis and is close with the All-Pro corner.

"He is absolutely the best and wants to play the best, and I think you're going to get the best out of him if he respects the other guy," Law said. "But I don't think he respects anybody on the Jets and then -- you never know -- what are they even playing for?

Those are strong words from a former player. However, we don't believe Rex Ryan's team would intentionally try to injure a former teammate.

Law does have a point about the matchup and we don't expect to see a ton of Revis if the game gets lopsided. Bucs coach Greg Schiano said the team would monitor Revis' snaps closely.

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