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Trysten Hill signs work ethic contract with Cowboys DC

The Dallas Cowboys conducted a thorough check on defensive tackle Trysten Hill before selecting him in the second round (58th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Still, the Cowboys felt good enough to bring him aboard after talking to his college coaches and requiring Hill to sign a work ethic contract with Cowboys defensive coordinate Rod Marinelli.

As for the work ethic contract, turns out it had nothing to do with Hill's time in college. Instead, the informal procedure, which details expectations, is more for internal use among the Cowboys' defensive linemen.

"I do this with every guy from a free agent to a draft pick, just my own copy of it, back and forth, front and back," Marinelli said, via Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram . "It talks about how we play, what I ask of you in practice, day of games, all of it. I am very clear of it.

"I said to him, 'If it doesn't fit you, tell me now, because you will not be happy here. I told him to keep it, and he said, 'Coach I feel great about this.' It's just about how you play. It's a lot of different things, but how you carry yourself, how you play in our system. The effort and the want to, every snap. We're unique that way -- how hard we practice and play. I usually see that on film early with guys. He really plays hard. If you watch his tape, he really hustles. That's the passion we want in these guys."

Barring any specific legal language built into Hill's actual rookie contract, which he hasn't signed yet, the informal agreement between the second-round pick and Marinelli won't hold weight in a court of law.

But it's a unique honor-bound and motivational approach between two men, and Marinelli and Hill established a bond during the pre-draft process and stayed in touch leading to the draft.

"I can't put into words how important our relationship is with each other," Hill said, via the Star-Telegram. "He wants the best out of me and I want to give him everything I've got. Him really taking hold of me this whole process, and me being able to call him and chat with him and hear his voice was huge in this whole ordeal."

Now, it's up to Hill to stay true to his word to put in a full effort on the football with his new team.

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