Trevor Siemian: Things have started 'clicking for me'

Trevor Siemian has taken strides toward winning the Denver Broncos' quarterback battle with more consistent play over the past few practices. The third-year quarterback said getting more comfortable in offensive coordinator Mike McCoy's system has been the key.

"I can't tell exactly when, but probably a week or so I just kind of felt a little more comfortable, like things were clicking for me and I got a big-picture thought of how we're trying to attack scheme and defenses," Siemian said Tuesday, via The Denver Post. "I just felt comfortable ... getting going and also getting a feel for all the guys. First, second, third [team], it doesn't matter -- just getting a feel for how guys run, what they do well and I think we're all in a good spot right now."

Siemian will start the first preseason game Thursday when the Broncos visit the Chicago Bears. Coach Vance Joseph announced that second-year pro Paxton Lynch will start the second game. Providing each player a predetermined start indicates Denver wants to give Lynch every chance to swipe the gig from the more consistent Siemian.

Heading into Thursday's game, Siemian is confident he's wrapped his brain around what McCoy wants out of the offense.

"I think I got a feel for all of us," he said. "We want to put pressure on the defense every snap, every play and that's a common theme all over the place. It's just how well we can do it. I think with the guys we have -- the receivers, running backs and the way our offensive line is coming together, I think we have a good chance to do that."

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