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Trestman: Ravens won't be limited by Matt Schaub

Monday Night Football will feature a clash of quarterbacks Josh McCown and Matt Schaub.

Get excited, people!

Schaub will start his first game since 2013 -- he's lost each of his last six games as a starting quarterback. Despite the physical limitations of the weak-armed, 34-year-old passer, offensive coordinator Marc Trestman insists the Ravens won't adjust their offense much.

"We haven't tried to limit the offense or do any less than we've been doing. We're going to gear things towards what we've been doing and what Matt's familiar with," Trestman said on Friday, via CSN Mid-Atlantic.

Trestman is the man who plucked Josh McCown from the wilderness during his stint in Chicago and helped make the quarterback a hot commodity the past two offseasons. Still, while McCown's arm strength was never in doubt, Schaub's is a 72-point-font question mark.

Trestman pointed to Schaub's smarts when discussing why he believes the Ravens' offense can function after losing its top passer, running back and receiver this season.

"His football intelligence is at a very high level. Because he's seen a lot, he can handle multiple situations," Trestman said. "He's a very good passer and an accurate passer. In his career, he's proven that. When he's had his best years, he's been a high completion guy. He can throw the ball down the field. He's excelled in this offense. There's a lot of positives plus he's got very, very good leadership skills."

Leadership is one thing. A deteriorated arm is another. Around The NFL's Chris Wesseling penned the definitive 'Schaub is broken' piece back in 2014. We haven't seen anything to change our mind about the passer since then.

On Monday night, Schaub will get the chance to shut us up.

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