Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Washington DE Chase Young on his first NFL season and more

Michael Robinson and Brian Billick welcome Defensive Rookie of the Year Chase Young to the podcast. Chase comes out swinging with a locker room story from his days at Ohio State (2:08). MRob wonders how Chase handled the distractions of coming home to Washington to play pro ball (4:04), and how he knew at age 9 that he'd be a "future NFL player." Coach Billick asks about Young's transition from second-overall pick to NFL superstar (6:53), and how he managed to excel during the most unique season ever. Buckeye success in D.C. is not guaranteed. What went wrong for Dwayne Haskins? Chase gets real about his former Ohio State and Washington teammate (9:26). What's the key to hunting down today's mobile QBs? According to Young, it's a lion mentality that transcends the football field (11:42), keeping him on the fierce straight and narrow. Coach Billick asks the burning question: Who's the biggest slob in the Washington locker room (13:42)? And Chase shows his confidence, and honesty, when MRob asks if there's any offensive player who impressed him this year (14:20). Intimidated by the G.O.A.T.? No way (15:16), and why the "GO BLUE!" written on the jersey Tom Brady gave him was OK with the former Buckeye. MRob asks Chase about his time with Alex Smith (20:00). Chase weighs in on his college coach's transition to the NFL (20:55), and how Urban Meyer telling him he wasn't "a very good player" lit a fire in his belly. Finally, Young on why he felt passionate enough about police-accountability reform to testify before the Maryland House Judiciary Committee (22:59).

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