Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: "Samurai Mike" – Mike Singletary on his legendary life in the NFL

All-time great, Hall of Famer Mike Singletary joins Michael Robinson and DeAngelo Hall to talk about the time Walter Payton snuck heat balm into his jockstrap (1:43). Singletary reveals the origin story of "Samurai Mike" (5:30), before explaining how a note slid underneath Buddy Ryan's door lead to Bears greatness and to the rise of the 46 Defense (7:02). What else did Singletary learn from Buddy Ryan? Accountability and ownership (11:30). DHall asks about the larger-than-life personalities of the 1980s Chicago Bears starting with Mike Ditka… and Singletary tells the guys how Ditka started a culture of anger that was hungry to win (12:44). The toughest player Singletary ever faced? The Patriots guard John Hannah… and he was a handful even though he never once held (15:11). MRob asks his old coach if he could have played versus the dynamic offenses of today… short answer: yes and it would involve hitting (16:53).

DHall asks Singletary whether the '85 Bears knew how great they were at the time (19:40), and Singletary tells the guys that they could have been even better. What made Mike Singletary want to coach (21:55), and what lessons did he learn about himself along the way. Did he ever feel overwhelmed as a head coach (24:52)? DHall asks if coaching Ray Lewis was like looking in a mirror (27:23), and Singletary tells a story about just how hands-on he was as a linebackers coach. Finally, Mike Singletary tells us something surprising about the day after he sent Vernon Davis to the locker room (30:10).