Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Rex Ryan's NFL Journey: From coaching Ray Lewis to the 'Butt Fumble'

Former head coach Rex Ryan stops by again to share more locker room stories with Michael Robinson and Brian Billick, including one about Rod Woodson being intimidated by Rex's 'dad bod' (3:15). He then explained his defensive philosophy that was influenced by his dad Buddy Ryan and coach Billick (6:00), which centered around what he calls the K.I.L.L. philosophy (9:00). Rex explains how he helped design the dominant Ravens defense of the 2000s that featured Hall of Famers Ed Reed and Ray Lewis (10:45). Then coach Billick and Rex reminisce about all the future head coaches on the Ravens staff, including Jack Del Rio, Mike Singletary and Marvin Lewis and how their big personalities blended together (19:40). As for Ryan's time as a head coach, he shares that he had a ground-and-pound offense because Tom Brady wasn't his quarterback (24:10). He also defends why drafting Mark Sanchez fifth overall was the right decision for the Jets (27:10). This prompts Mike Rob to ask him what he really thinks about the "Butt Fumble" (30:25).