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Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Life as a Dallas Cowboy with Drew Pearson (Part 2)

Hall of Fame wide receiver Drew Pearson joins Michael Robinson to share a few stories about how the Dallas Cowboys used to play hard on and off the field (1:49), including the times they used to "go over the wall," (6:02). Pearson tells MRob about getting that long awaited knock on the door from David Baker to tell him he was a Hall of Famer (9:34), and then recalls the time he trolled the entire city of Philadelphia at the 2017 NFL Draft (14:39). You might think the moment that that sticks out most in Drew Pearson's career is the original "Hail Mary," but according to Pearson, you'd be wrong (18:34); it was the 83-yard TD in his first career playoff game. MRob wonders if there were ever any issues sharing the football in the age of the original triplets (23:11). Pearson touches on how the Cowboys receivers used to pride themselves on yards after catch (25:04), and the one current receiver who could have handled facing Steelers great defensive back Mel Blount back in the day (26:17).

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