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Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Joe Staley's 13-year NFL journey with the 49ers

Former NFL offensive tackle Joe Staley stops by to share some locker room stories from his 13-year career with the San Francisco 49ers. Staley tells Michael Robinson about his welcome to the NFL moment -- realizing the size of players he has to block (1:30), and how he cleaned up after Hall of Fame tackle Larry Allen in meetings (4:35). Mike Rob and Joe reminisce about being teammates and how the team changed under head coach Jim Harbaugh's tenure (8:40). He then sheds light on supporting Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, and how it did not cause friction in the locker room (12:00). The guys then discuss the curious case of Jimmy Garoppolo, and how the business side of the game will determine his future in San Francisco (14:50), and then the podcast shifts to what sets Kyle Shanahan's play-calling style apart from the rest of the NFL (18:55). Joe then reflects on being a member of the 0-fer Super Bowl club (22:10). Finally, Mike Rob lets Joe know that Brian Billick told him the Ravens were interested in drafting Staley, and Staley shares his relief that didn't happen because it would have motivated a family member to spend a little too much time with him. (23:40).

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