Total Access The Locker Room Podcast: Andrea Kremer on a reporter's view from the locker room 

Legendary journalist Andrea Kremer stops by to share some locker room stories with Michael Robinson and Brian Billick (2:05). She then fills the guys in on one of the most challenging stories she's covered that involved Bo Jackson at a commercial shoot (7:15) and getting tested by Bobby Knight (9:30). Andrea gives Coach Billick props for helping guide her through her career, and they shed light into their close friendship that has developed over the years (11:15). No days off is the definition of Andrea Kremer, who talks about giving birth at the Super Bowl, and then getting right back into the broadcast game days later (15:00). The podcast then shifts to what it's like covering the G.O.A.T.s of sports: Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, and what similarities they share (17:20). "Ruthless in the most complimentary of ways" is how Andrea describes being around Michael Jordan during his six championships with the Bulls (21:00). Mike Rob and Coach then ask Andrea about being the first full-time female NFL game analyst, and she shares the advice John Madden gave her about calling games (28:15). Finally, she tells a hilarious story about Billick being protective over a particular cooler she traveled with (33:35).

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