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Topic of hitting anything but fine with Steelers LB Harrison

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison put on his game face Tuesday when asked if he was bitter about the attention his physical play received from the NFL office this season.

"They took $100,000 out of my pocket. You think I'm not bitter?" Harrison responded to NFL Network's Kara Henderson at Super Bowl XLV Media Day.

Henderson then asked Harrison how physical the Steelers plan to be against the Green Bay Packers in Sunday's game in Arlington, Texas.

"We are not trying to hit nobody hard. We don't want to get fined," Harrison said with a glare.

Harrison, who paid more in fines this season for four different hits than the entire Packers team was docked, earlier had alluded to the scrutiny the Steelers faced.

"(The season was) not really (bittersweet) because the ultimate goal for every year is to be here," said Harrison, The Associated Press NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2008. "We just happened to make it this year with everything that has went down with us."

Harrison at one point threatened to retire after the league fined him $75,000 for an Oct. 17 helmet hit on Cleveland Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. Harrison subsequently met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, calling the talk "semi-productive." That fine later was reduced to $50,000.

Harrison also was asked Tuesday about how the Steelers plan to contain Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"We have to get pressure on him and stop him from being able to run the ball," Harrison said. "(Rodgers) has eyes in the back of his head. He evades pressure very well. He extends the down."

And how will the Steelers try to prevent that?

"By any means necessary, whatever it takes," Harrison said. "That's my thought process."

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