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Top 10 undrafted players in NFL history

   Undrafted out of South Dakota State, Vinatieri went on to boot the winning field goals for the 
  Patriots in two Super Bowls. No big deal. 
   Motley was a trailblazing running back for the powerhouse that was the 
  Cleveland Browns of the late 1940s and 1950s. 
   In addition to providing healthy sound bites for NFL Films, Randle was a dominant DT, recording 137.5 sacks in his Hall of Fame career. 
   Lane earned a spot on the 
  Rams after a tryout. Lucky for the 
  Rams, Lane set the NFL single-season record for interceptions with 14 as a rookie. 
   Warner's remarkable rise from obscurity in 1999 helped the 
  Rams return to prominence and earn the franchise's first and only 
  Super Bowl triumph. 

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