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Top 10 one-shot wonders in NFL history

   Jones possesses one of the most common names anybody can have, but made one of the most uncommonly incredible plays in Super Bowl history. 
   O'Brien was a 
  Colts rookie when he came through in the most clutch situation in the game ... with a 
  Super Bowl title on the line. 
  Bills dubbed Johnson as their quarterback of the future, but fans had a much more appropriate title ... "Robosack." 
   Woods burst on to the scene as a rookie in 1988, led the 
  Bengals to the 
  Super Bowl, then was shuffled out of the NFL just three years later. 
   Howard had one career reception. It went for 34 yards and a touchdown after he got the best of 
  Hall of Famer Mel Blount in 
  Super Bowl X. 
   Maddox went from John Elway's successor to out of football, to the Arena League, to the XFL, and back in the NFL with the 
   Longley had one amazing 
  Thanksgiving Day in 1974, then did something unforgivable ... he tried to pick a fight with Roger Staubach. 
   Brown picked off two Neil O'Donnell passes in 
  Super Bowl XXX, was named game MVP, then started just one more game in the NFL. 
   Smith ran for a 
  Super Bowl-record 204 yards in 
  Super Bowl XXII, but then couldn't stick as a full-time starter for the 
   Just who is this former 
  Bengals QB Cook, the player legendary coach Bill Walsh said could have been the greatest quarterback of all time? 

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