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Top 10 greatest comebacks in NFL history

   Battered by eight sacks and playing with bruised ribs, Joe Montana bounced off the rough artificial turf at the Vet to lead the 
  49ers to victory. 
   On his best day, Anthony Wright looked more like Baltimore hero Johnny Unitas, as the vagabond QB led the 
  Ravens past the 
  Seahawks in OT. 
   Joe Montana showed glimpses of greatness to come when he led his team to victory over the 
  Saints in Week 14 of the 1980 season. 

Cowboys coach Tom Landry made history when he replaced Craig Morton with Roger Staubach in a 1972 divisional playoff against the 49ers.

   After his 
  Cardinals blew a big lead to the eventual NFC champion 
  Bears, coach Dennis Green lost his cool in the postgame press conference. 
   Facing a seemingly unsurmountable 30-7 deficit heading into the fourth quarter, the 
  Jets pulled off the unthinkable against the 
   After the 
  Giants squandered a 38-14 lead in a 2002 wild-card playoff game, they had one last shot to redeem themselves. What followed was chaos. 
   The defensive-oriented and defending Super Bowl champion 
  Buccaneers gave up 21 points in the final five minutes to the 
  Colts, who then won in OT. 
   Back in the day, while it seemed the 
  49ers found ways to lose big games, the 
  Lions always found ways to win, as evidenced by this epic comeback. 
   En route to the third of four straight Super Bowl appearances, the 
  Bills had to overcome a 35-3 deficit against the run-and-shoot Houston Oilers. 

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