Tony Romo not practicing with Cowboys on Wednesday

Tony Romo went through a brief walk through in London on Wednesday morning but did not practice. He spent that time back at the Cowboys' hotel receiving treatment on his injured back.

"(Romo is) following a normal schedule but also listening to his body," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "We had a good productive walk through at the hotel today and we anticipate him adopting that schedule that we've had for most of the year."

For Garrett, there's no disadvantage in making the Jaguarsthink Romo is playing even if he's not, but it would be hard to imagine the Cowboys dragging their franchise quarterback onto a nine-hour flight just to be a decoy.

Still, the end of the week will be crucial in determining whether Brandon Weedengets another chance under center.

"We as coaches, the football people, we're more interested in function," Garrett said when asked about someone playing through pain. "How is the player functioning? We'll look at him, he might say this, the doctor might say this, but what we see is this. And we give our feedback, too, and we make a collective decision as to what's right for the player and what's right for the team."

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