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Tony Jefferson on Eric Weddle, Jamal Adams and more

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Tony Jefferson

Safety, Baltimore Ravens

Born: Jan. 27, 1992

Experience: Four NFL seasons

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | March 16, 2017

The Ravens' defense and guys like Eric [Weddle] reaching out and talking to me [sold me on signing with the team].

During the [free agency] process, you're not allowed to talk to the organization, which I think they need to change that rule.

I am a guy of swagger, so I gotta check the swag at all points before I make a decision. I put myself in different uniforms on Madden to see what will look better. Ravens did look good, though.

Black on blacks, no question. Those [uniforms] are their best combination.

Making the decision [was the toughest part of free agency] because I'm a West Coast guy. Now I'm going all the way to the East Coast, and I've never lived over there. I think that's the only situation that I figured would be different for me. The other stuff is just football, so I'm not really worried about that.

The talent is definitely there. A lot of times when free agency happens and a lot of guys stack up, it doesn't necessarily mean that team is going to be dominant. There's a lot that comes with it. Everybody's gotta be on the same page and be accountable for each other. That's going to take time and practice, and everybody's gotta be on the field together and create that chemistry. That's mainly what you're going to have to depend on during the season. Everybody is good, so you all gotta be on the same page.

I've been at the facility for six days and talked to quite a few teammates. Obviously "Woody," Danny Woodhead (the running back who also signed with the Ravens), we've become good friends as well. Him and Eric are two funny guys. They're fun to be around.

I love the division the [Ravens are] in. I love the fact that we'll play the Steelers twice a year, because that always poses a big challenge, seeing Antonio Brown and Le'Veon [Bell]. Cincinnati has a bunch of talent over there, and Cleveland, everybody likes to talk down on them because they only won one game last year. But if you look at their games, there were a few where they were just a play away from winning. That changes the whole complexion of their season.

Jamal Adams. He's my favorite prospect in this draft. I like the way he plays. He's a playmaker, explosive, and I think he helps out the team who drafts him on Day 1. I don't think he makes it past the Bears [in the first round of the draft].

I never feel pressure. Football is football, and I always tell myself, Don't complicate the game. Just go out there and play and get better every day. I have room to grow and there's always things that I can fix and do better. I've been working these past few weeks, and I'm excited to get going.

I'm going to coordinate with my financial adviser to see what I can spend [with my new contract]. I'm not just going to go out and get Lambos and Ferraris and stuff. I like my Camaro.

I talk to fellow Oklahoma product [Joe] Mixon all the time. I've talked to him since he was a young cat, and I've seen the fire and game in him. Obviously, he made a mistake, and I think he's done a great job owning up to it. He's an excellent player. He reminds me a lot of David Johnson and Le'Veon with his abilities out of the backfield, receiving and running the ball. Whoever gets him is going to get a steal, because I know [teams are] going to take precautions [when drafting him]. Like I said, he's a great football player and going to be a rookie I expect to help his team Day 1.

[Ravens coach John Harbaugh is an] exciting dude. He talks to his players, and Eric was telling me that the coaching staff and front office guys aren't like other front offices. They actually enjoy being with their players and talking to them and let you be who you are. Just stay in the confines of the organization and don't draw any negative attention.

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