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Tony Gonzalez: Two teams asked me to play in 2014

At least two teams wanted Tony Gonzalez to come out of retirement in 2014.

The former Chiefs and Falcons star, now 38 and nestled securely in a studio analyst job, said a pair of clubs he would not identify came to him during the 2014 season in hopes of luring him back to the playing field.

"If there was a team out there in need of a tight end, they better go somewhere else because I'm about 230 pounds now," Gonzalez said, via the Kansas City Star. "I'm afraid I'd get crushed out there on the football field. I enjoyed 17 years, had a great time, but I'm very happy where I'm at right now."

Gonzalez was asked about a hypothetical Jeff Thomason situation, where a Super Bowl team in desperate need of a tight end could rent him for the big game.

He didn't seem sold on that, either.

"If I could be like the third-string tight end, and I don't have to get in the game, and I can get a ring, yeah," he said.

Gonzalez seems content in his new gig and he should be. After a 17-year career he sits behind just one player -- Jerry Rice -- in career receptions, an incredible accomplishment for a position he revolutionized.

Just don't expect to see him boost his total while wearing a Seahawks uniform next weekend.

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