Tomsula: Hayne has not locked up 53-man roster spot

An anonymous rugby commenter set off a miniature firestorm in San Francisco on Tuesday after Tweeting a report that suggested 49ers crossover star Jarryd Hayne was assured a spot on the 53-man roster.

Apparently, no one ran that by 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula.

"I don't know what the rules in the media are in Australia, OK? But you might want to fact-check," Tomsula told KNBR. "The 53 is not set."

As Tomsula will probably come to find out at some point, you don't have to fact-check here much, either.

Still, the anonymous account has some stature in the rugby world, leaving some to believe that Hayne may do something many thought was impossible just a few months ago when he signed.

Rugby conversions are typically a crapshoot at best and Hayne was trying to do it as a running back and kick returner, which requires an entirely different body type and skillset. That hasn't fazed him a bit this preseason, and he's looked nothing short of 53-man worthy.

Will he end up there? Tomsula sounds like he's making us wait until Saturday to find out.

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