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Tom Savage: Texans' QB room will be fun and peaceful

The Houston Texans jettisoned Brock Osweiler, paying a second-round pick to the Cleveland Browns to take on the contract blunder.

On Monday, Tom Savage, the current starting quarterback as offseason workouts begin, alluded to the Texans shedding perhaps more than just a contract in the trade of Osweiler.

"It's going to be a fun and peaceful (QB) room," Savage said, per the Houston Chronicle's John McClain.

While we are reading between the lines here, the combustible relationship between Osweiler and Texans coach Bill O'Brien has been widely suggested in reports dating back to last season. Pro Football Talk reported last month that a Week 17 altercation between Osweiler and O'Brien occurred at halftime.

Savage's comment Monday alludes to the fractured relationship and blowups between Osweiler and O'Brien disrupting the quarterback room. With Brock bounced, the current signal-caller apparently has no issues with the fiery coach.

"I love the guy. He's hard on you, and that's what I want. I want to be coached," Savage said of O'Brien.

Optimism consistently flows through NFL facilities during the spring. We'll see if Savage has the same feelings in the heat of the season, especially if the Texans draft a rookie quarterback to compete for the starting snaps.

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